Wheelchair Project

Wheelchair Project:

The causes are many...

Poverty, disease, malnutrition, armed conflict and lack of proper medical care are all major causes of disability in the developing world. Diseases eradicated in the developed world years ago are still prevalent elsewhere. Conflict is another contributing factor both in places where conflict is active and where the remnants are left behind. Poverty, however, is the biggest issue. Without money to seek medical attention simple injuries like broken bones that would be simple to fix in developed countries go untreated. Birth defects tend to be more common and home child delivery is more frequent which can have more complications during childbirth. Factors like access to clean water and as teddy, nutritious diet also play a role.

For $ 125 a wheelchair can be built, shipped and delivered across the world, lifting someone up off the ground and transforming a life for good.

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It costs $ 125 per one Wheel Chair.