Water Handpumps


After coming to Madina Munawara, the things on which Holy Prophet (PBUH) emphasized included water provision as well. Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that to give someone water to drink, is the first charity a person can make. Thus after following the footsteps of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and listening to the sayings of Sahaba-e-Karaam, all those people who love Allah and His Prophet take the responsibility to provide water to the ones who are thirsty.

Drinking water is essential for the survival of mankind. There are many villages where the water supply is not available. Peoples in these villages used to dig bore wells and utilize the water from it. Due to scarcity of underground water they have to dig deep bore wells. In highly draught areas one bore well is considered as blessing and will be used by whole village. 

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The construction of water well takes from 1 to 2 months.

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