Vocational Training

Vocational Education and Training in India

(Introduction, Importance, Need and Future)

There is a growing need for Vocational education and training programmes in India. Today, every corporate is looking for skilled employees. There is increased demand for skilled office secretary, typist, cashier, electrician, technician, carpenter, etc. The medical and hospital industry recruits a large number of nurses, laboratory technicians, etc. The recent surge in travel and hospitality industry has further increased opportunity for vocational training institutes.

Further, those students who do not get admission in degree colleges and universities, would go to vocational training institutes, where they could be trained as technicians, electricians, carpenters, designers, draftsmen, and the like.

It would reduce the crowd and rush for admissions for which a cut-off percentage can be reserved. Students who have an inclination to learn and excel, who want to be engineers, doctors, teachers, administrators, etc. would go into the general stream. They can choose the science stream or the humanities. The deserving students with the best results would go to the general stream for higher education.

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