Imam Salaries

There are some areas where there is Masjid but the peoples of that area are unable to bear the monthly expenditure (Imam Salary, maintenance, electricity & water bill etc.)

As such here the Imam Salary is in and around of Rs.6000/- also not bearable by the Masjid Committees / Muslim Community people since 85% of the people is below poverty line only.

In the present era maximum no of parents are willing to send their childrens to the English studies and thus may cause the shortfall of Imams in the forth coming Generation. Survivals of Imams in the rural areas are also becoming hard. Like your donors will helps such Imams for the survival.

Generally, Imams are very much underpaid and there is no particular equation for this, I feel that, it depends Mosque by Mosque, City by City and Country by Country.

To maintain the Transparency, our Society will give the Beneficiaries details such as Indian Adhaar Card, Bank Account copy etc...

We need active and generous support and co-operation from every individual of Ummah Morally, socially and financially. Kindly support by your Sponsorships and by introducing this project to your friends, colleagues and other philanthropists who may be interested in such a noble work.

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