The Bushra charitable trust founders, the board of directors and volunteers believe in the power of prayer. We invite you to pray for us so that God will continue to bless us in our Ngo of reaching to the poor in the villages of India. All our children/students/elderly pray each day for the sponsors and donors and well-wishers of Bushra charitable trust.

Be a Sponsor:

Sponsorship is the most direct way that you can help someone in need. It is a relationship of mutual respect. There are many waiting to be sponsored. You are welcome to sponsor a child, a teenager or an elderly Person. To learn more about this program


Our Sponsorship program enhances the human dignity of those in need and provides new life. It offers a rich experience for you, your family and friends. Sponsorship means building a relationship between the sponsor and their family and the sponsored individual.

Our Sponsorship program is the most direct way that you can send donations. Generally, there is only one sponsor for each sponsored individual. In some cases, there is a need to have two sponsors for a college student.

Your sponsorship starts from the month when you receive the photo and family record of your sponsored individual. It is important that you send your donation as soon as you receive this information.

Please take note of this for your payment records. It will help us to provide the sponsorship program benefits promptly. You and your family are welcome to visit your sponsored individual. Visiting India is a lifetime experience.

If you are interested, ask for more details. Email:info@bushracharitabletrust.org

Any information you provide to us will not be sold or shared with others.


Where is Bushra charitable trust working?

Bushra charitable trust, INDIA is a legally registered, Non-profit, Muslim Religious, Educational, Charitable AND Social Organization with All India Jurisdiction for its activities; Bushra charitable trust India has been recognized by the Government of India.

How far does my sponsorship money go?

The US dollar goes ten times further in India. This translates to greater purchasing power.

Who writes the letters?

The Beneficiaries write the letters in Arabic, Urdu or in English. The letters written in Arabic are translated into English and are sent to the sponsors. The Bushra charitable trust staff, social workers and teachers assist them in writing letters. Since most of the elderly are illiterate, the care taker writes on their behalf.

Can sponsors write letters?

You are welcome to write letters to your sponsored. We encourage you to keep in touch with your sponsored. You are welcome to send photos and greeting cards.

Can I visit my sponsored individual?

Yes. You are welcome to visit your sponsored individual.

Please E-mail : info@bushracharitabletrust.org of your plans in advance so that proper arrangements can be made for your visit. We also encourage you to visit the projects of Bushra charitable trust and other tourist spots. Visiting India will be an experience to last a lifetime.