Aims & Objectives


1. To start control and maintain imparting both secular religious institutions.

2. To set up manage maximum number of maktabs,madrasa,schools,institutions,professional

traning,coaching centers,I.Ts.And management institutions for the minorities all over india.

3.Our organization undertakes construction of Masjid, Madrasas.

4.To set up a Fund Bank to assist poor girls in performing their marriages.

5.To help the poor and needy Muslims living in remote villages.

6. Establishment of Islamic schools (Makatibs) for imparting basic knowledge about Islam by

providing a religious scholar (imam) in these remote villages.

7. Our organization provides various types of help financial as well as in the shape of materials to

orphans, physically handicapped and young / old Widows.

8. We arrange self-employment schemes. The ladies are thought tailoring, and the uneducated

youth are taught driving in government approved driving schools.

9. To purchase lands and buildings for school, Madrasas and Masjid and to construct building on it.

10.To extend financial Assistance to the other managements running schools & Madrasas.

11. To extend Financial Assistance to managements to construct mosque, Madrasas or for the part

of said work.

12. To Establish Libraries, Hostels & Community Halls etc.

13.To run Hostel & Mess for the Boys Girls.

14. To participate in promoting social, Religious welfare programs.

15.To arrange for imparting knowledge of Arabic and Religious literature i.e. Namaz, Islamic

Literature and Holy Quran.

16.Drilling Bore wells

17. To arrange medical camps/Construct and run Hospitals General and especially for Ladies.

18.To accept donation, contribution, grants and subscription in cash or in kind from public or


19. To set up a Scholarship Bank for poor meritorious students who want to continue their studies

for higher education.

To set up and manage maximum number of Primary Health Welfare Centers in remote and slum areas and to distribute medicines free of cost.