Our Activities

Our Activities:

The illustrative programs permitted to be carries out by associations having different nature are indicated below:

1. Religions:

  1. Celebration of religious function/festivals etc
  2. Construction/repair/maintenance of places of worship, religious schools.
  3. Education of priests and preachers; (dissemination of the message of goodwill etc, from their holy books).
  4. Publication and distribution of religious books/literature.
  5. Maintenance of priests/preachers/other religious functionaries
  6. Any Other activities related to the above.

2. Educational:

  1. Construction and maintenance of school/college
  2. Construction and running of hostel for poor students.
  3. Grant of stipend/scholarship/assistance in cash and kind to poor/deserving children.
  4. Purchase and supply of educational material-books notebooks, etc.
  5. Conducting adult literacy programs.
  6. Conducting Research.
  7. Education/School for the mentally challenged.
  8. Non-formal educations project/coaching classes.
  9. Any other activities related to the above.

3. Social:

  1. Construction / Running of Hospital/dispensary/clinic
  2. Construction of community hall etc.
  3. Welfare of the orphans/Empowerment of women/children
  4. Contraction and Management of dharmshala/shelter.
  5. Holding of free medical/health/family/immunization camps.
  6. Supply of free medicine, and medical aids, including hearing aids, visual aids, family planning aids etc.
  7. Provision of aids such as Tricycles, calipers etc, to the handicapped.
  8. Provision of free clothing/food/to the poor. Needy and destitute.
  9. Relief/Rehabilitation of victims of natural calamities.
  10. Help to the victims of riots/other disturbances.
  11. Digging of bore wells.
  12. Welfare of the Schedules Castes, Tribes, Backward.
  13. Creating awareness of Government schemes & Law to general public.
  14. Any other activities related to the above.

4. Culture:

  1. Celebration of national events (Independence/Republic day/festivals.)
  2. Preservation of ancient/tribal art forms.
  3. Preservation & promotions if Cultural Heritage & Literature of India.
  4. Cultural Shows.
  5. Any other activities related to the above.
  6. Construction and Management of Old age home.
  7. Welfare of the aged widows.
  8. Construction and Management of Orphanage.